Work-Related Skin Diseases

In statutory accident insurance, skin diseases are by far the most frequently reported diseases among employees (this does not include skin…

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Malnutrition: A Risk to Child Development and Society

Did you know that malnutrition increases the chances of not being able to write a simple sentence by the age…

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Autism is a congenital, profound developmental disorder that begins before the age of 3 and presents sit self in very…

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Beware of Weight Loss

1. Home page 2. Diet & Lifestyle 3. Diet in cancer Cancer is a wasting disease. With colon cancer, as…

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Weight Loss Tips

To lose weight successfully and permanently, you should change your diet and exercise more. So far so good – but…

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Treating Nail Fungus: Which Home Remedies Help?

How does nail fungus develop? Nail fungus, also known medically as onychomycosis or nail mycosis, is a widespread disease that is far more…

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Healthy Nutrition: 13 Tips For A Crucial Life

Plenty of vegetables are important for a healthy diet. A diet is vital to stay us healthy and productive. Here…

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Healthy Diet 10 Tips

“You are what you eat!” We ought to set a great illustration for our children since taste and inclinations create…

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10 Main Chronic Diseases in Brazil

Chronic diseases are characterized by being diseases that have a slow development and a long duration, many of them still…

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What Affects Our Health?

Berlin, December 16, 2020 – Anyone who is sick has a defect – if it is repaired, the patient is cured. This…

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