Weight Loss Tips

To lose weight successfully and permanently, you should change your diet and exercise more. So far so good – but anyone who has tried to lose weight knows how difficult it is to keep up these good resolutions in the long term.

First things first:

 Take your time with losing weight. Even the excess weight did not accumulate in just a few days. Take small steps in the right direction!

Simple weight loss tips for everyone

We would like to give you some suggestions with the following weight loss tips. Certainly, you do not want to and do not have to put all the tips into practice right away, but there is something for you that you will implement and persevere well in the long term and without stress.

  • Resolutions_ Less is Sometimes More

Exercise every day, only eat healthy, no more nibbles and preferably lose 8 kilos in 4 weeks – do not overwhelm yourself with too many good resolutions! Otherwise, you will be disappointed if everything does not go according to plan and give up.

  • Nutrition Log – One Week is Enough

Even if you think you have everything in view: Write down everything you have eaten and drunk for a week. Even the little things in between, such as the chocolate candy or the cappuccino on the go. You will be amazed where you can still save calories. Drinks should also be written down – this way you can also check whether you have drunk enough.

  • Small Plate – Big Effect

A small portion on a large plate looks lost. But if you take a small plate, even smaller meals look like more. Our brains are outwitted, we have the feeling that we have eaten a large portion. Small cutlery has a similar effect: we eat more slowly and with more pleasure.

  • Eat Consciously – MEAL TIME

Some foods are simply shoved into the mouth on the side. We watch television, drive the car or make phone calls on the side. If you don’t focus on eating, you can easily eat more than you need to. Take your time, enjoy and chew each bite thoroughly.

  • Appetite? Then Brush Your Teeth!

After a delicious hearty meal, many people crave dessert. Even in the afternoon hours, there is often a craving for something sweet. Then brush your teeth – you will notice that the fresh taste in your mouth makes cravings disappear. You are also doing something good for your teeth!

  • Water, Soup, or Salad Before Meals

You read this tip everywhere, but it is also justified. A glass of water before a meal will fill you up and you automatically eat less. You can also grab a glass in between. Low-fat and low-calorie clear soups or green salads with oil and vinegar dressing serve the same purpose.

  • Read The List of Ingredients – Caution: Flavor Enhancers

Read the list of ingredients and try not to buy too many foods with flavor enhancers as they are appetizing. The flavor enhancers include, for example, sodium glutamate or monosodium glutamate. Glutamates are particularly found in ready meals, bag soups, sauces, or chips – they tempt us to eat more than is necessary.

  • Sharp Makes You Slim!

Spicy food is a convenient fat burner. Our body heats up and sweats – it burns calories! Use pepper, chili, horseradish, or ginger to get your metabolism going.

Filling plates in the kitchen – every course makes you slim Fill your food on the plate in the kitchen. Once you sit comfortably in the dining room, think about going back to the kitchen for a second something. But please don’t fill your plates extra full …

  • Vegetables Full

If you are still hungry, you are welcome to use low-fat vegetables as a lookup. Vegetables contain a lot of fiber, which is good and long-lasting satiety. Vegetables such as carrots, cabbage, broccoli, corn, celery, or beetroot are particularly rich in fiber.

  • Almonds And The Scent of Vanilla

 Sweet scents act as a natural appetite suppressant because they dispel cravings. Scented oils or beautiful candles with a vanilla aroma are well suited. Almonds also have a sweet aroma. In addition, they fill you up for a long time because they are high in protein. Since almonds are very substantial, please only nibble a handful against the cravings!

  • Nibbles And Sweets in Bowls

If you do want to nibble or nibble something, place a portion in a small bowl. Eaten straight out of the bag tempts you to eat everything. The reason for this is the flavor carriers fat and sugar.

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