The 12 Most Ingenious Beauty Hacks

Hundreds of magnificence hacks frolic on the net. But not all of them keep their guarantees. We show 12 basic and bright traps almost magnificence that work.

Fat away with baby powder

Do you’ve got a sleek hairline but do not have time to wash your hair? No issue! Fair take a few child powders and tidy an ancient toothbrush with it. Presently run over the approaches and blow-dry for 20 seconds. And the unattractive sparkle is gone!

Fresh paint

The color in your hair has grown visibly, but you don’t have time to visit the hairdresser at the moment? No problem! With a brown eyeshadow (applied with a moistened brush), the color differences can be concealed super quickly. Unfortunately, it only works with dark hair.

Quick Beach Waves

Light waves in your hair are exceptionally prevalent this summer. And with this trap you’ll invoke up extraordinary shoreline waves in your hair in no time: braid the last-mentioned into a braid or a few braids (depending on the estimate of the required waves), spray with a warm shower and briefly run over it many times with the fixing press. Presently all you’ve got to do is let the hair cool down a bit, open the braid or braids and the casual beach-wave see is prepared (in case vital, settle it with a small hairspray).

Conditioner instead of shaving foam

Do you have stubbly legs but no shaving cream at hand? No need to despair! You can get rid of this hairy problem just as easily and quickly with a hair conditioner. Nice side effect: velvety skin.

Open eyes!

Not only do expensive creams help against puffy eyes, but also two moist green or black tea bags (cooled off of course!) Or two cucumber slices. An exposure time of approx. 5 minutes is easily enough for a more alert look.

Hashtag “Smokey Eyes”

Do you have got a difficult time applying make-up for Smokey Eyes? This trap is exceptionally simple: utilize a dark kohl eyeliner to draw a hashtag on the mobile top and mix the bar code with a little brush.

Fire at will for the kohl

Here is a hat trick for a strong and precise eyeliner: Hold your eyeliner for about 2 seconds at a distance of 5 cm over a lighter. Now the eyeliner can be applied very smoothly with a strong color.

Fragrance preservation

To your great regret, your favorite perfume evaporates just a few hours after spraying it on? With this simple trick, it will last much longer: Massage some petroleum jelly or a scented cream onto the areas of the skin where you will later apply your scent.

SOS help with make-up stains

Pull the white dress over the carefully made-up head and the misfortune has happened. Fortunately, the unsightly make-up stains can be removed in no time with a little shaving foam. Simply leave a blob of foam to take effect for about 15 minutes and then rub it out with a dampened microfiber cloth.

Revival for mascara

Is your mascara dried out? Do not toss it absent! With this magnificence hack you’ll be able to make it useful once more in no time: Fill a glass with hot water, at that point put the mascara in it and hold up approximately 5 minutes. Once you evacuate the mascara, the dry buildup ought to liquefy and the mascara ought to be simple to brush on once more. Here you’ll be able to discover indeed more to begin with help traps for harmed corrective things.

DIY french nails

With this magnificence trap, you’ll spare yourself a trip to the nail salon: All you wish may be a wide versatile or cement tape. Simply place the tape over the nail so that a thin strip remains free at the front. You can now paint it white (or another color of your choice). Finally, very carefully remove the tape.

Bright red for thin lips

Women with limited lips ought to dodge shinning ruddy tones when choosing a lipstick, as these make the lips show up indeed smaller. Be that as it may, you’ll be able to supersede this run the show with the taking after excellence trap by make-up specialists: Spot the lip line with a concealer previously. This implies that the lip forms see forward and show up larger at the same time. At that point, you’ll be able to apply the shinning ruddy lipstick as normal and see forward to lovely, more full lips.

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