Italian BBQ recipes for a nice evening


Oh how I feel about summer and cozy BBQ nights! You too? Then you should read this blog, I have made 3 delicious dishes that are ready for an Italian evening within 30 minutes

If you want to be sure of a wonderful holiday feeling this summer, you can also create this yourself in your garden or on your balcony. And of course, such a holiday feeling starts with good food. Together with our cooking club from PLUS, we have therefore come up with a fun challenge; organize a BBQ in a country theme. I was challenged by Leonie (from the blog to make delicious BBQ recipes in the style of the holiday country Italy. And I know what to do with that!

When I think of Italy I think of tasty cheeses, pasta, basil, balsamic and fresh tomatoes. All these ingredients can also be found in the recipes I came up with for a complete 3-course menu. The first course is a pasta salad that is nicely served in a glass and is easy to prepare. The main course is a delicious burger on an Italian bun with pesto mayo. And you should definitely make the dessert. A packet of strawberries with balsamic and mascarpone. Really a taste explosion in your mouth and a great ending.

I did the shopping for my Italian BBQ recipes at PLUS Supermarket. They have everything they need to make your BBQ evening a success. From high-quality meat and fish to sauces and fine wines. In addition, they also have top offers such as Kies&Mix where you buy 3 packs of meat, fish, or vega for 9 euros. Also, an ideal time to try a vega product on the BBQ.

I chose my main course for the vegan burgers from PLUS. Really super delicious and tender. I bet if you don’t say anything to your tablemates, they won’t even notice it’s vega. If you still want to go for real meat, you can choose the Blonde d’Aquitaine Hamburgers from PLUS. High quality and with a 2 star Better life quality mark. Finally, I also have a personal wine tip for the Italian BBQ evening: Barone Montalto blush. This wine comes from the Italian island of Sicily and is nice and smooth and fruity in taste. It is not white but also not rosé, but as the name suggests, this wine has a very light pink blush. Very special and nice to serve your guests. The Barone Montalto blush is for sale at PLUS for a nice price of €6,49.

Italian pasta salad in a glass




fusilli 2

handfuls arugula

12 cherry tomatoes 2

tbsp grated Parmesan

cheese 2 tbsp

dried tomato tapenade 2 tbsp pine nuts Fresh basil


Cook the pasta in a pan with water and a pinch of salt for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, cut the tomatoes in half and toast the pine nuts in a dry frying pan.

Drain the pasta and rinse with cold water. Drain the pasta well and put it in a bowl. Spoon in the tomato tapenade and tomatoes. Divide the arugula between 4 glasses. Spoon some of the pasta mixtures on top. Sprinkle the top with some Parmesan cheese and some basil. You can eat the salad lukewarm immediately or let it get cold in the fridge and then serve.

Vegetarian burger with grilled eggplant and pesto mayonnaise




vegan burgers

1 eggplant 4

Italian bulbs 2 tomatoes


of lettuce leaves

(starter arugula

is also

possible) 2

tablespoons pesto 2 tablespoons mayonnaise 1 ball mozzarella Pinch of salt and pepper Oil


Cut the eggplant into slices. Brush with a little oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Grill them on the BBQ until there are nice stripes to see. Bake the vegan burgers on the BBQ for about 4 minutes on both sides. You can also cut the buns open and grill briefly on the BBQ for a nice crispy bite.

Mix the pesto with mayonnaise. Smear the bottom of the buns with this. Spread some lettuce over the bottom. Put the civilian here. Cut the mozzarella and tomatoes into slices and divide between the burger and the eggplant. Spoon some pesto mayonnaise on top and cover with the top of the bun. Bite it!

Tip: replace the eggplant with zucchini

Enjoy with your family

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