5 Reasons and Solutions when children have difficulty eating

Jakkes, I don’t like this! Children are often not the easiest eaters. But why is that? And with what tips can you encourage them to taste or eat something?

In this blog, Ingrid, (children’s) nutrition coach, mother of Nienke and Pleun, and founder of Plein’s food club talks about her experiences and tips. Her mission is to make adults and children aware of good choices in terms of nutrition in the form of more vegetables and less meat and waste. In addition, she is a big cooking fanatic and likes to inspire others. Take a look at her website for her online programs or go on an online supermarket safari together.

Ingrid: I hear from a lot of my clients that they occasionally hear from those kids who don’t like anything. Mothers who are very reluctant to put new dishes on the table. How come? I’m going to tell you. And fortunately, it’s NOT your cooking. It has multiple causes, a few of which you may already know, but not all of them!

  1. For example, young children have to taste a taste 10-15 times before they start to appreciate that taste.

Yes Ingrid, I already knew him… But it depends on more.

  1. Do you ever say:

“Eatyour broccoli first, baby, then you’ll get another piece of meat?” Or ‘Go for a few more bites of cauliflower and you’ll get dessert!’ What do you say to your child anyway? Yes I understand that you don’t like that vegetable very much, just bite through then I reward you with something that is tasty…. Meat, dessert or whatever. That’s just ingrained in our culture. You probably don’t notice… recognizable?

  1. You skip a vegetable because you think your child doesn’t like it

Teach your child that it’s not the case that if you don’t like sprouted broccoli, you’ll never like the whole vegetable. It may just be that your child likes him through the soup. Or like broccoli rice. The structure and method of preparation does so much. Teach your child that, too. That you can prepare a vegetable in so many ways (and no that’s not complicated) and that it tastes different and different. And so I have so many more tricks and ways for better eaters! As a mother of 2 omnivores (not omnivores) I understand that that is not always easy. I myself hear a regular squeak from my youngest…

  1. You keep them small

Talk them big. Maybe you’re old enough now to like them… Children want to be big, especially up to the age of 6 this trick can work. With typical seasonal vegetables such as asparagus I applied this trick. You don’t like asparagus? Yes it may be that you are not yet old enough to like them…. Chances are there’s a sneak peek at a bit of tasting, because hey they want to be big.

  1. Every day fight at the table

Battle for food is never good. You give your child a means of power. eat. You decide what your child eats. Your child determines HOW MUCH. Play: Guess the secret ingredient. Did I get it from my niece who thinks this is a great game? You can’t do this to very young children, but from the age of 4/ 5 years, you learn to taste your child very consciously. Let’s hear it for whoever guesses the secret ingredient.

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