Black rice pudding with fruit

Today Jennifer shares a recipe for black rice pudding with you. This recipe is delicious for dessert but it can also be done for breakfast! And she explains why black rice is healthy.

Jennifer coaches people to a healthier lifestyle in terms of nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress. And also occasionally shares healthy and tasty recipes on LeukRecepten including the nutritional values to inspire people and show that healthy and nutritious food can certainly be tasty. Also check her website Senang Gezond for more information about a healthier lifestyle or if you are looking for a plan of action for a healthier life.

Jennifer: rice, I could have breakfast, lunch and dinner with it. My family in Indonesia also gets up with it and sleeps with it. I was adopted and I have lived here in the Netherlands since I was a baby. I wasn’t necessarily raised with rice, but more with real Dutch fare. But it’s apparently in the genes. It is therefore on our menu every week.

What types of rice are healthy?

Rice is a cereal, you have rice of all shapes and sizes. I’ll list the most famous species. I’m sure you’ve heard of it and cooked it. The most famous, I think, is the white rice. In addition, we have brown rice, basmati rice, pandan rice and risotto rice. Brown rice contains many good nutrients and fiber and is a good source of carbohydrates. I always recommend replacing white rice, the fleece of which has been completely removed with those nutrients, with brown rice.

Black rice

Today I have a recipe with black rice. This dark grain has many health benefits. Black rice is high in antioxidants, fiber and vitamin E. Antioxidants capture aggressive substances that can cause damage to cells and tissues in adverse cases. Fibers are good for good intestinal function. Vitamin E is among the antioxidants and thus protects the cells, blood vessels and organs. Also in taste, the black rice differs from the other types of rice. This black rice is nutty, more intense and sweeter. That is why this one is very suitable for breakfast or to make a nice dessert.

A few years ago I travelled to Bali with my husband Sam and son Jimmi. There we cooked a 3-course menu with a black rice pudding for dessert. If you are going on holiday to Bali again, Café Wayan in Ubud is highly recommended to follow a cooking workshop. A fantastic large garden with all kinds of fruits and vegetables. When I think about it again, the beautiful colors and smells come to me again.

Black rice pudding with fruit



80g black rice (for

sale at e.g. Jumbo)


unsweetened almond milk 100ml coconut milk 10g gula djawa (palm sugar)

1 tbsp coconut grater


Kiwi Passion fruit (frozen). I added some sweetener.


There are a few ways to cook the rice. You can cook the rice in a pan. Black rice needs a pretty long cooking time (45-60 minutes). Another option is an electric rice cooker. With this pan, cooking rice can not fail. If you eat rice often, this is definitely recommended.

Put all the ingredients together in a saucepan or in the rice cooker. If you choose to cook the rice in a saucepan, stir regularly. Let the rice cook nicely, then leave to cool. Divide between 2 glasses or containers and top with fruit you feel like! I chose kiwi and passion fruit. You can warm the passion fruit in a pan in between.

Nutritional values per single sport (excluding toppings)

Energy: 214

kcal Fat:

14 gr Of

which saturated:

11 gr Carbohydrates: 14 gr Of which sugars: 5 gr )

Protein: 3 gr

Fiber: 2 gr

Salt: 0.2 gr

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