Chocolate overnight oats with mango

This breakfast of chocolate overnight oats and fruit is nutritious and healthy but also very tasty! Really a treat to start the day with. In this blog you will find the recipe including the nutritional values.

This blog and recipe was created by Jennifer. She advises and coaches people towards a healthier lifestyle in the areas of nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress. And now also occasionally shares healthy and tasty recipes on LeukRecepten including the nutritional values to inspire people and show that healthy and nutritious food can certainly be tasty. Below she introduces herself to you and tells more about her work and of course you will also find the recipe at the bottom.

Senang Healthy Together

Hi, I’m Jennifer, owner of Senang Healthy. I am of Indonesian descent and that is why Senang has a beautiful meaning for me: “feeling comfortable, satisfied and comfortable”. These meanings are important to me and are paramount during the guidance. In addition, I think it is important that people develop a healthier lifestyle themselves, which fits their personal goals. If this succeeds, people will feel more Senang and can enjoy life more.

I prefer to cook in the kitchen all day. I try to turn every breakfast, snack and lunch into a party. I like to develop recipes myself, to think which combinations of ingredients are tasty for a cake, cake or muffin. The results are critically assessed by the home front.

In addition to advice in nutrition and an eating schedule, I also look closely at the wishes of my customers in the field of exercise. How can we make exercise fun, we investigate it together and make a movement plan that is also feasible for them. Would you like more information about how you can start a healthier lifestyle and what our approach to this is?

Is overnight oats of oatmeal healthy?

Today I share one of my favorite breakfasts. I love breakfasts with oatmeal, which is usually an oatmeal porridge or an overnight oats (cold porridge). Oatmeal can also be processed in cake, cookies or bars. But what exactly is oatmeal and is it healthy? There is a difference between oatmeal and oat flakes. Both are oat grains. With oatmeal, the oat grains are crushed and with oat flakes the oat grains remain whole. In addition, you also have oatmeal, which I usually use in baking recipes. You can buy this or easily make it yourself by putting oatmeal in the blender.

Oats are a whole grain. Wholegrain products lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and maintain your blood sugar levels, making them less likely to peak.

Oatmeal and carbohydrates

In addition to proteins and fats, oatmeal also contains carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are starch, sugars, and fiber. Sugars, you need them but choose as many products as possible with slow carbohydrates. Slow carbohydrates contain more fiber. This in turn ensures a longer saturation, so you are less likely to get hungry. Fiber also ensures good intestinal processing and digestion. Fast carbohydrates cause a lot of spikes in your blood sugar levels and you want to avoid that. Fast carbohydrates are in less healthy products such as cake, sweets, and chips. Finally, oatmeal contains enough B vitamins that are good for the metabolism, growth, and proper functioning of the body, among other things.

Chocolate overnight oats with mango and cottage cheese.



50 grams

oatmeal 1 teaspoon


powder 1 teaspoon cinnamon 4 dates

100 grams low-fat cottage cheese (vanilla)

160 ml chocolate milk light

1 mango

Topping optional:


You can make the overnight oats one night in advance. Soak the dates in warm water for a few minutes. Mix the oatmeal with the cocoa and cinnamon, add the chocolate milk. Practice the dates well with a fork and mix well with the oatmeal. Divide the oatmeal between 2 bowls or glasses and cover and put in the fridge.

You could prepare the mango by now. You can easily peel a mango by cutting right along the pit, then make squares with a peeling knife and cut off the squares. You can choose to blend part of it and leave part whole.

The next morning, scoop up the mango and cottage cheese on top. I used Granola as a topping. Would you rather choose something else, for example another type of fruit? Of course you can.

Nutritional values per single sport (excluding granola)

Energy: 250

kcal Fat:

4 gr

Of which saturated:

1 gr Carbohydrates: 40

gr Of which

sugars: 24 gr (including fruit sugars) Protein: 11 gr Fiber: 5 gr

Salt: 0.2 gr

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