Spicy Gorditas with Chickpeas + Review Just Vegan 2021

This new cookbook Gewoon Vegan proves that you can also eat delicious and varied food without meat or dairy. In this blog I tell more about it and share the recipe for mini wraps with a delicious vegetable topping.

I don’t eat vegan myself, but I hardly eat meat and with dairy I now also choose plant-based more and more often. From almond milk to coconut yogurt and margarine. With a number of small adjustments you can already eat less dairy and meat. But vegan dishes often have the image that they are complicated and consist of ingredients that are difficult to obtain. The book Gewoon Vegan debunks this claim and proves that you can cook simple and delicious vegan.

The book contains more than 80 recipes, from breakfast to lunch, supper and sweets. Many recipes are also suitable for children and also budgetproof. They are recipes that also make you easy during the week, from pasta pesto to carrot pumpkin soup and vegan brownies. Unfortunately, the book does not contain any photos, which I personally find a bit of a pity, but the cheerful colors and illustrations make up for a lot. In addition to the recipes, there are also many tips and comments, often with a funny note and nicely told. Not surprisingly, the book’s author, Alexandra Penrhyn Lowe, is also a writer of TV series and young adult books.

The book Gewoon Vegan contains 240 pages and is on sale for a suggested retail price of €20,99

Recipe spicy gorditas with chickpeas


 ingredients :

250g chickpeas, drained

1 to 2 tablespoons hot sauce

8 gorditas (mini wraps)


Strips of roasted bell pepper

1 to 2 tomatoes

1/2 cucumber


60 ml hummus

juice of half a lemon

1 to 2 soyjoghurt

Dash of maple syrup


Heat the chickpeas in a frying pan for a few minutes, extinguishing with hot sauce to taste. Stir well until all chickpeas are covered with a layer of sauce.

 In the meantime, prepare the gorditas; moisten them a little and fry them with a pinch of oil in a frying pan until they have golden brown spots on both sides. Keep the gorditas warm on a plate with a tea towel over it or another plate on top.

Stir together the ingredients for the dressing. If you find it too sour, add a dash of maple syrup. I like thin dressings, so I usually add a little more water.

Brush the gorditas with a good bit of the dressing, spoon some chickpeas on top, drizzle with some more dressing, a good hand of lettuce, some paprika tomato, and cucumber (and, why not, a little dressing on top).

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