Mexican rösti with topping + 5 tips for making rösti

Looking for a nice light meal, lunch or snack? With these Mexican rösti’s with topping you can go in any direction.

Rösti consists of grated raw potato that you bake in the pan. The result is a savoury potato cake or several small rösti circles. Sometimes egg or flour is added to give the cookies more firmness. But in principle, the starch that is released during grating the potatoes is also often enough to make beautiful solid potato cookies. Other tasty additions include: bacon, onion or cheese. In this blog I share another special and delicious variant, namely Mexican rösti. As a basis I naturally use potatoes and I have added corn, Mexican herbs and spring onion and as a topping fresh sour cream and some tomatoes.

5 tips for making rösti

  1. Important when making rösti is the use of the right potatoes. It is best to use solid potatoes, these give a firm result. But also slightly crumbly potatoes are suitable, the inside of the rösti often becomes a little softer.
  2. Use the potatoes immediately after grating, otherwise, they will turn brown and limp.
  3. After peeling or grating, rinse the potatoes with water. Because of the starch that is released during grating, the rösti sticks well together.
  4. A good rösti is characterized by a slightly crispy exterior and soft inside. If you put the rösti in the pan, it is therefore important that you first set the temperature high so that it is baked slightly crispy outside. Then lower the temperature and let the inside of the rösti cook well.
  5. To bake rösti beautiful golden brown I use Blue Band for optimal results. This margarine also contains 35% less saturated fat than butter and is completely plant-based. This Mexican rösti is therefore also completely vegan provided you replace the sour cream with vegetable cream. And an extra tip; use enough Blue Band in the pan to bake with, then the rösti becomes nice and full of flavor.

Bonus tip: if necessary, use a cooking ring in the pan to make beautiful round rösti rounds.

This Mexican rösti can be baked in a pan as one big round savoury cake for lunch or supper. But you can also bake several smaller rösti rounds in the pan that you serve as a snack or starter. And of course you can also serve them as a side dish, make a salad with them and / or serve with a piece of meat or vega and you have a delicious complete meal. Avocado or guacamole are also a delicious addition to these Mexican rösti’s. In short, you can go in all directions with this rösti.

Recipe Mexican rösti



400g potatoes,

peeled Blue Band

to fry

Pinch of

salt 1 spring

onion 2 tbsp

corn 1/2 tbsp Mexican/taco herbs 2 tbsp cornstarch


125 ml

sour cream 6 cherry tomatoes
Extra corn and spring onion

Chop the spring onion finely. Grate the potatoes and put the grater in a sieve or four-pour and squeeze out the excess moisture. Put the potato grater in a bowl and add the Mexican herbs, pinch of salt, spring onion, corn and cornstarch and spoon together.

Heat a little Blue Band in a frying pan and spoon in a heap of the potato mixture and press slightly flat. Bake 3 heaps of rösti for 2 to 3 minutes over medium to high heat until the bottom is golden brown, then turn it over and fry the other side until golden brown. Let the rösti bake over a lower heat for a few more minutes to allow the potato to cook as well. Repeat again in the pan with the rest of the potato mixture.

Divide the sour cream between the Mexican rösti’s. Cut the tomatoes into quarters and divide between them. Garnish with spring onion and corn.

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